Mike Sasso

PopsI’ve been a professional artist for longer than I care to admit. But I quit my day job on January 1, 1978, so you do the math. I studied Fine Art in college, where I received a Master Degree in design and photography. I became a “Graphic Designer” (although it was referred to as a Commercial Artist in those days) out of a necessity to survive, but I never gave up on Fine Art. Once an artist, always …

I spent the first several years of my career working by myself, and I was fortunate enough to acquire a number of loyal clients – one of which was Uni Filter, who I still work with to this day. My primary experience is in Print Design – brochures, catalogs, advertising, package design, logo design, etc. Remember, there was no world wide web back in those days. But I eventually was forced to design websites, because as we all know, everybody needs, or wants, a website. So I went with the flow, reluctantly.

Now I primarily design websites. It was slightly difficult for me at first, but I feel that I’m finally getting the hang of it. It’s just a different way of organizing information, a different way of looking at the traditional “page.” And actually a more exciting way. Pages now come alive with images and content interacting in ways they never could before. It’s very exciting!

But I needed a younger person to work with. Someone who understood the internet, who grew up with this outrageous technology, and to my surprise it turned out to be my son Sam. I always thought that Sam was going to grow up to a famous musician (just like I once thought that I would become a famous artist) but sometimes life has a different idea. Sam is a brilliant young man with surprising talents. And he surprises me on a regular basis with his depth of knowledge of web development. As he will you.

FYI – There’s something I forgot to mention – I also have over twenty years experience teaching Graphic Design and Photography at the College and University levels. Ciao.

Sam Sasso

Sam-SassoI think one of the most difficult things to do is write about yourself, but I’ll give it a shot. Instead of, like most bios, being written in the third person like someone else wrote it, I wanted to just write it from my perspective. My name is Sam Sasso and I am a web developer/designer for Sasso Studio.

I wasn’t always interested in design or code, in fact, my first love is music. I have been a musician ever since I was 14 years old. I have done some great things with my music and I feel that my experience in that art form, adds to this one.

I love what I do. I make things real that didn’t exist before, and that’s pretty special. I started out designing websites first, 4 years ago, and discovered my love for coding later. Now I can marry the two and I feel I am more of a force in the field of web design because I know both sides. I get to work with my father, who is awesome, everyday and am constantly learning new things from him. The team of “Sasso and Sasso” is a force to be reckoned with, we’re really that good #humble.

I feel so honored that a man as talented as my Padre, Mike Sasso, would want to work with me. He blows my mind with his ideas everyday and I know, given the chance, he and Sasso Studio will do the same for you.