Creativity is a process in which an original idea is brought into reality. Creativity involves these two processes: thinking and then producing. At Sasso Studio we approach each new assignment in exactly this same way: First we develop a concept, or the “idea” (thinking), and then we bring this “idea” into reality (producing).


There’s no substitute for experience and here at Sasso Studio we can assure you this is not our first rodeo. We are a father and son team with over forty years of combined experience designing visual communications for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Web, print, photography – we do it all. And believe it or not, we’re also reliable.

Pixel Perfection.

Most web developers will tell you that pixel perfection is impossible, and for the most part they are right. Not every computer, device, browser, monitor, operating system, etc. operates in the same manner. But we build our sites knowing that viewing environments are always going to be different and we account for it. Pixel perfection isn’t always possible, but it’s always something we strive for.

Real Typography.

Until recently, the world wide web was limited to only a handful of “generic” fonts, forcing serious web designers to either create images of “Real Typography” or succumb to using the inferior web fonts. But today, thanks to a continued effort to make the web look and read more like “print,” thousands of actual typefaces have been made available. At Sasso Studio we use only real fonts (typefaces) created by the best type foundries in the world.

Bullet Proof.

What does bullet proof mean? Are we talking about Superman right now? No, we are talking about your business in a Kevlar vest. We can not only give you an absolutely stunning online presence but we can also protect you as well. Sasso Studio offers several maintenance packages to make sure that your site is indeed, bullet proof. And if you want, we’ll do it in a red and blue spandex suit.

Reponsive Design.

Everyone has a smartphone these days. I have one. You have one. You could very well be viewing this site on a smart phone right now. So that’s why when Sasso Studio builds a site, we make sure that it can be viewed on all devices. This includes your desktop computer, your tablet and your trusty smart phone (etch-a-sketch support not included… yet).

Easy to Edit Backend.

Most people that own a website have one unifying problem, they can’t change anything! We at Sasso Studio build all of our websites using the WordPress CMS allowing for easy manipulation of type and imagery. If you’d like to own a site that you actually “own” then we’re your guys. Once you feel the freedom of updating your own site, you’ll never want to go back to calling a developer every time you need to change a word.